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PromptKey is the safest password management system on the market today

PromptKey allows users to store username and password reminders for any website without ever revealing their actual credentials. Login reminders provide hints personal to you and useless to anyone else.

Example: Password: 'Tennis10', Your Password Prompt: ‘Favourite sport/Favourite number’

PromptKey does not require any major infrastructure changes to your company, and can be installed within seconds. Our user-friendly application is designed specifically for enterprises and your average single user in mind. All credentials are stored local on each machine with no third-party access.

PromptKey Secure Notes feature allows you to store your private information safely and securely. Some examples of information that you might save into the secure notes portal include bank account numbers, Social Security numbers, passport numbers, Software licenses, etc. Since all sensitive data is stored locally on your computer through a 4 Digit key that you create, with no Third-Party access, you can store your most sensitive data with the knowledge that is it is completely safe. Once your secure note is created, you can safely view, edit, delete or share it with other people, whether they are PromptKey users or not.

PromptKey Partial Passwords is a feature exclusive to the password management market. Popular in the financial sector, PromptKey is the first password manager to implement partial passwords onto every website. A partial password is a query of a subset of characters from a full password, leaving you to only insert certain characters of your passwords instead of entering them completely.

Current Market State

Forgotten login details cost companies thousands of pounds every single year. Around 20-50% of helpdesk calls are password related, and the time spent resolving this issue is around 2-30 minutes. The average employee wastes around £260 a year trying to manage multiple passwords, therefore, a company with 250 employees totals to a loss of over £65,000.

Current day password management systems are continuously being hacked, causing an ongoing security concern. Features such as auto-fillers and single sign on services (SSO) require you to store your passwords onto their platform, subsequently, creating a goldmine for hackers. Likewise, websites which allow you to "remember my password" also deliver major security flaws, as it leaves the door wide open for anyone to access your personal data. We have learned that every security wall can be broken, so to overcome this issue, our method of approach must change and PromptKey aims to do just that.

How it Works?

  1. Simply install the extension for the web browser of your choice.
  2. Once installation is complete, the Promptkey extension icon will appear in your web browser toolbar.
  3. Simply go onto the login page of any website, click the PromptKey icon, then enter and save your prompts for that site.
  4. Now every time you forget your login details for any site, simply click the highlighted icon indicating you have a prompt for this site, and receive your login reminder instantly!
  5. To manage your prompts, enter your personal portal by right clicking the icon and select ‘Options Page’.
  6. Once your trial version has expired, purchase a license from our website and enter your license key to activate your full version..and that is it!
Adding a Secure Note
  1. Simply right-click the PromptKey extension icon and select ‘Options’ to enter your personal portal.
  2. Navigate to your secure notes page, and create a 4-digit pin to access your secure notes vault.
  3. Simply click the ‘Add New Note’ tab to create a new note.
  4. Create a title, select the category, and enter in the information you wish to save, then click ‘Add Note’.
  5. Each note can be filed and accessed under the selected category on display.
  6. View, Edit, Delete and Share your notes by navigating to the icons located on the right of each selected note and follow the on-screen instructions.

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