PromptKey Install Instructions

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
    1. Open Google Chrome and visit the download link.
    2. Click on Add to Chrome button.
    3. Click Add Extension button in the confirmation box.
  • Mozilla Firefox Browser
    1. Open your Firefox browser, and navigate to the downloads page.
    2. Simply click the Mozilla Firefox download icon, and install will begin.
    3. Follow on-screen instructions to allow the complete install of PromptKey.

    External Browser
    1. Within your browser, go onto our downloads page and simply click the Firefox install icon.
    2. Once download is complete, save the extension XPI. file.
    3. Open your Mozilla Firefox browser.
    4. Click the open menu icon (settings icon) and select "Add ons”.
    5. Click tools (gear wheel) for add-ons and select “Install add-on from file”, or you may drag & drop the XPI file into your browser.
    6. Locate the saved extension file and click install.
    1. First and foremost, install the 'Download Chrome Extension' from the Opera add-ons gallery.
    2. Go to Google Chrome store and locate the PromptKey extension within your opera browser.
    3. Click the Add to Opera button
    4. A toolbar will drop down, with the message, “This extension was disabled because it is from an unknown source. Go to the extensions manager to enable it.” Click the Go button.
    5. You’ll be transported to Opera’s Extensions page, which can also be visited by going to View > Show Extensions.
    6. Click Install in the PromptKey extension, and click Install again when Opera asks you to confirm you want to add this extension from an unknown source.